Coffee - Mogiana

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Coffee - Mogiana
Coffee - Mogiana
Coffee - Mogiana
Mogiana Rio Roast Coffee

Coffee - Mogiana

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Best for: Drip Coffee or Cold Brew

Our notes: Bitter-sweet chocolate and toasted almond. This roast has a slight smoky flavor and full body. For those who like a dark roast with a bit less intensity and smooth finish.


Best For: French Press, Drip Coffee or Cold Brew

Our notes: Dark Chocolate, Pipe Tobacco, Bold

This lush, smoky roast offers notes of dark chocolate and pipe tobacco in an amazingly smooth and warming brew. For coffee drinkers who love a dark roast that's never over-roasted, this is your cup of choice.



Best For: Espresso, French Press or Drip Coffee

Our notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Buttery mouthfeel
On the lighter side of a medium-dark roast (no oils!), our Espresso Roast has a lively character and classic, timeless flavor profile.
This flavorful coffee is our family’s favorite and most popular roast, great for espresso (including super automatic machines that don’t like oily beans) and pour over method.

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