What Makes a Good Gift?

by Brielle Lavery

Let's face it: not all gifts are amazing and make the receiver feel extra special. The best gift is one that will help you experience the joy of giving and receiving with someone else. Gifts that make you think, "Oh my gosh, this person really cares about me." or "This person really knows what I like." 

Gifts that make people feel loved are not good gifts; they are great gifts. Don't buy simple, generic presents for the holidays, bridal showers, or housewarming gifts. Instead, get something that says, "I really care about you."

Here are some of our tips for GREAT GIFTING

  1. On-Time - a late gift is a lame gift. Get it there on time, ahead of time, but for darn sakes, don't be late! 
  2. Thoughtful and Helpful - gifts with extra thought and attention or ones that solve a problem for the recipient (i.e. are they always missing their wine glass or a scrunchie) are always amazing! 
  3. Carefully Curated - gifts that show that you know their interests and hobbies show that you put in the extra effort. 
  4. Wrapped Beautifully - this goes without saying. You CAN judge a gift by its cover/box/bag... 
  5. Personal Touches - We LOVE adding those extra touches that make someone feel special. Whether it be a favourite sweet treat or a handwritten note, personal touches make ALL the difference. 
  6. Unique - No one wants a run-of-the-mill gift that you just picked up on your way home.
  7. Makes the Receiver Feel Loved - This is the goal of all gifts, isn't it? 
  8. Create an Experience - From the minute they lay their eyes on the gift to the last time they light that candle, gifts should be an incredible journey from beginning to end. 

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