Meet Meraki!

by Brielle Lavery


Meraki Gift Co. Inspired To Gift.

It's no understatement that gifts carry a lot of weight. They can be an important way to express our feelings - whether it's gratitude, thanks, sympathy, or congratulations, it's important to get it right. At Meraki Gift Co., we have a wide variety of thoughtful gifts to choose from. Personally curated and lovingly assembled, Meraki Gift Co. is the destination for beautifully, locally sourced gifts. 


MERAKI [may-rah-kee] (adjective)

this is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love --when you put something of yourself into what you're doing, whatever it may be. 

Meet The Team Behind the Gifts 


Brielle - Founder & Director 

Brielle (Bree) has always had a passion for creating unique, meaningful gifts for family and friends, including building thoughtfully curated gift boxes and baskets. She has also always focused on supporting local businesses and small vendors and sharing those finds with others. So Bree decided to tie together both of her passions with one carefully wrapped bow and created a company that does both... Meraki Gift Co.

What was once a passion project (side hustle) operating from her living room as Creationz By Bree has now turned into a multi-employee business that helps to create gifts for loved ones across Canada!
Bree has been inspired in her business by the many amazing people in her life, but one stands out the most...her great nana! She admires her strength, determination, the way she viewed life and supported everyone around her.

Bree loves that her business has allowed her to meet SO many bomb a** ladies! She has built many relationships and has been so thankful to support dozens of local Canadian businesses, which has been a cornerstone of her success, and hopefully, theirs.

There's a little bit of Bree in every box, basket, and gift.

Allysha - Operations Manager

Queen of pickups, customer service extraordinaire, and all-around wonder woman... if you've ordered one of Meraki's Gifts... you've likely come in contact with Allysha!

When Allysha became a stay-at-home-mom, she began to look for something to do: "just for her." She has always loved making people smile, and every great gift does just that! Allysha jumped on board to help... and the rest is Gift-story! Not only did it turn out to become a beautiful friendship, but Allysha gets to live her dream of creating beautiful gifts and bring joy and smiles into the lives of others!

Vanessa, Gift Design Specialist

Vanessa - Gift Design Specialist 

Beautiful on the inside and out, Vanessa is the attention to detail aficionado, carefully packaged princess, the "this bow must-be-perfect" person... Vanessa ensures every box, basket, and bag goes out in stunning fashion.

This busy mama is the newest member of the Meraki Team and fits like a perfect puzzle piece (just like every item she fits into her gifts).

She can be found enjoying her time with her son at the soccer or baseball field when Vanessa isn't carefully packaging birthday, wedding, anniversary, and "you-name-it" gifts.


Sarah - Gift Design Specialist 

Meet Sarah! Also known as the Queen of Sweet (for her love of desserts and her thoughtful and kind soul). Sarah met Bree through their husbands, who have been best friends since childhood!

When she's not rapidly wrapping housewarming gift baskets (seriously, she is speedy!), Sarah is sharing her kind soul with her family (a mom of three) and her students (she's a teacher!). She is an inspiration to the team not only for how she continues to build beautiful gifts but how she does it with such a sense of creativity, thoughtfulness and care.