by Brielle Lavery


🎁 Today is a big day for me and my little (not-so-little) business!
🎁 Today is a day I will hopefully remember for many years to come as the day I took a big risk, and it paid off...
🎁 Today is my last full day at my full-time job
💝 Tomorrow is the day Meraki becomes my full-time, my career, my future!

For those of you who know me, I have been working in Real Estate for the last six years within the Keller Williams office. I joined the team when I had a considerable life change and moved back home.

A few years ago I joined my @realcitygroup family! I was welcomed to the Real City family with open arms. Something I will forever be grateful for. It has been such a joy to work with the team, earn their trust and watch them grow.

These past few years have seen growth in my business but also in myself. I went from being the quiet, shy girl to having a voice, knowing what I want, being outgoing (at times, lol).

I will miss the team, the amazing clients and real estate, but I am excited to build the Meraki Empire, develop my business, focus solely on my future, and chase my dreams.

I will give it my all, and I can't wait to have you along to follow my journey!

🥂 to all those who have taken risks and those who haven't yet! If you've been thinking of doing it, this is your sign... Leap!